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One year from today, every one of us will have a new body! The question arises: What kind of body will it be? Will this new body be weaker or stronger than the body we possess today? The answer to that question
is entirely up to each of us, because as the old cell dies and the new cell replaces, the new cell is totally dependent on the building materials we provide it...the foods we eat, liquids we drink and the air we breathe.

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AIM Products

AIM Products

AIM Mega
AIM BarleyLifeTM
AIM Bear Paw Garlic™
AIM Cellsparc 360™ w/CoQ10
AIM Cell Wellness Restorer™
AIM Composure®
AIM CranVerry™
AIM Herbal Fiberblend®
AIM Fit 'N Fiber
AIM FloraFood Probiotic
AIM Garden Trio®
AIM GinkgoSense™
AIM GlucoChrom
AIM Gluten Free items
AIM Herbal Release
AIM HumiKleanse - metals
AIM Just Carrots™
AIM Para90™
AIM Peak Endurance
AIM PrepZymes™
AIM Proancynol 2000™
AIM ProPeas
AIM ReassureSP™ (For Men)
AIM RediBeets®
AIM Renewed Balance Cream® - Progesterone
AIM RevitaFem®(for women)
AIM Veggie D

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The Healthy Cell Concept
Part 1 - Introduction
Part 2 - Cell Food
Part 3 - Cell Food (cont'd)
Part 4 - Cell Exercise
Part 5 - Cell Environment
Part 6 - Cell Protection / The Immune System

Aging & Mental Status
Dementia - What does aging mean to you?

Antioxidants Part 1 - State of War
Antioxidants Part 2 - The 2nd Wave
Antioxidants Part 3 - The New Guard
Antioxidants Part 4 - Coordination of Forces

Cardio Health - Cardiovascular System
Bad Gums, Bad Heart
Green Tea
Keeping Cholesterol at Bay
Living with it - Heart Attack
Relieving the Blood Pressure - #2
Relieving the Pressure (Blood Pressure)
Risky Business - Risk Factors to Avoid

Detoxification - Do it the right way!
Herbs used in Detoxification
The Liver
Spring Cleaning
Why Detoxify?

Digestion: What it is, What can go Wrong
Digestive Problems
The Digestive-Eliminatory System
Stomach Pains - HCL

Immune System
Health Maintenance
Green Tea
Improving Your Immunity
Meet your Immune System
Sweet but Deadly - Aspartame

Men's Health
Dribbing into Middle Age
What, Me Worry? (Prostate Health)
AIM ReAssure (for Prostate Health)

Is Something Having YOU for Dinner?

Weight Control
A Kinder, Gentler Weigh
Sweet but Deadly - Aspartame
The ABC's of HCA - Part 1
The ABC's of HCA - Part 2
  Fat Capabilities

War on Fat
What's your Excuse?

ADD & ADHD in Kids/Adults
Cooking for Your Health
Enzymes Equal Life
Nutrient Games
pHinding the Right Balance
The Alpha Omega of Carotenoids
The Food Pharmacy
Top Ten Reasons Not to Eat Processed   Foods
Top Ten Reasons to Juice
Toxins - 14 Ways to Leave Your Toxins   Behind


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