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AIM CellWellness Restorer™

Lifestyle has a direct impact on the overall quality of our lives. Therapeutic baths or spas have a long history of enhancing our lifestyle and benefiting both our physical health and mental attitude. Indeed, it has long been thought that water has healing properties. Water coupled with minerals as in mineral baths or natural hot springs has been used throughout history to treat various ailments, specifically degenerative diseases. AIM Cell Wellness Restorer™ is a unique and natural bath additive that brings you the benefits of mineral spas. Cell wellness - DHA - magnesium

Mineral baths

According to archaeological evidence, balneology using natural mineral waters for the treatment of disease has been with us for more than 5,000 years. The Greeks and Romans used water and bathing as therapeutic tools. And it was the Romans who recognized the value of natural hot springs and developed elaborate aqueducts for transporting water from remote sources to bath complexes.

Several kinds of therapeutic baths are still recommended, including hot baths for pain relief and sleep, cold baths for fever, and kinetotherapeutic baths for damaged muscles, most notably from conditions such as polio, a viral disease that chiefly affects children and can result in muscular atrophy. Medicated baths, such as with Epsom salts to relieve inflammation, are common, and alkaline baths are promoted as being helpful in the treatment of arthritic conditions.

AIM Cell Wellness Restorer

AIM Cell Wellness Restorer™ is a unique and natural bath additive. It may help you cope with stress in two ways—first, by promoting relaxation when used in a bath or spa and, second, by supplementing magnesium, which supports DHEA production, to combat stress and its negative affects.

AIM Cell Wellness Restorer™ is desalinated seawater that has undergone processing to concentrate minerals that are essential for the functioning of body cells. The concentrate is enhanced by the addition of unique crystals.
Benefits and Features


  • Supports magnesium and DHEA levels
  • Reduces stress
  • Improves sleep
  • Increases energy
  • Softens skin
  • Relieves sunburn
  • Relieves insect bites
  • Reduces joint and muscular aches, pains, and swelling


  • More than eight years of safe and beneficial use by AIM Members
  • Revolutionary cell-restoring bath additive
  • No other product like it in the world
  • All-natural, nontoxic ingredients
  • Fast-acting results
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Beneficial for healthy cells
  • 12 fl. oz. (354 ml) bottle
  • Also available in a 4-pack


Although it represents only 0.05 percent of body weight, magnesium is an essential macromineral. Magnesium is necessary for many metabolic functions in the body, including the production and transfer of energy at the cellular level, the contraction and relaxation of muscles, the conduction of nerve impulses, and the synthesis of protein.

Magnesium, like calcium, is an earth alkali mineral. About 65 percent of the body’s magnesium is stored in the bones and teeth. The remaining 35 percent is contained in the blood, fluids, and tissues. Significant amounts of magnesium are present in the heart.

It is estimated that 72 percent of Americans are magnesium deficient, and the Gallup Survey identified that consumers are largely unaware of the importance of magnesium. Magnesium consumption seems to decrease with age; therefore, deficiency becomes a particular problem for the elderly. Hard water can be a valuable source of magnesium.


Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is a naturally occurring precursor of estrogen and testosterone

It is a hormone that is present in both men and women. DHEA levels peak at the age of 20 and decrease progressively with advancing age. Meaningful levels of DHEA do not appear in foods. And it is thought that certain people do not synthesize enough DHEA.

DHEA plays a role in the immune system. Low levels of DHEA are associated with ill health. Ongoing current research indicates that supplementation with DHEA shows significant improvement in functioning of the reproductive system, cardiovascular system, and metabolism. DHEA appears to increase muscle strength and lean body mass, activate the immune system, and enhance the subjective quality of life.

How to use AIM Cell Wellness Restorer™

Mix approximately 2 ounces (60 ml) in your bath. You may use more or less depending on your needs. AIM Cell Wellness Restorer™ can be used in any temperature of water.

  • Shake thoroughly before using.
  • Mix approximately 2 ounces (60 ml) in your bath. You may use more or less depending on your needs. AIM Cell Wellness Restorer™ can be used in any temperature of water.
  • You may rub AIM Cell Wellness Restorer™ directly on the skin. Wash the area well before applying.
  • You may also use AIM Cell Wellness Restorer™ in a footbath: Fill with warm water a glass or plastic container large enough for both feet to comfortably fit. The water should be deep enough to submerge your toes; it can be deeper if you choose. Start with 1 ounce of AIM Cell Wellness Restorer™ and increase as your needs dictate.
  • Do not use AIM Cell Wellness Restorer™ on open cuts or abrasions.
  • AIM Cell Wellness Restorer™ is for topical use only.

Q and A

Is AIM Cell Wellness Restorer™ safe for children? Would it be a problem if they drank any water with AIM Cell Wellness Restorer™ in it?
AIM Cell Wellness Restorer™ is safe for children. As with most bath additives, consumption is not recommended. We do not believe that there would be any problems if a child inadvertently consumed some, especially since it would be highly diluted.

I have noticed crystals forming on the bottom of my AIM Cell Wellness Restorer™ bottle and around the lid. What are they and why have they developed?
The crystals on the bottom of the bottle are sodium chloride (salt crystals) and the crystals around the lid are ammonium magnesium. These crystals develop because of the special mineral combination and processing method used to make AIM Cell Wellness Restorer™. The crystals are completely nontoxic and slowly dissolve when exposed to water.

What is desalinated seawater?
It is seawater that has had most but not all of the naturally occurring salt removed.

Can AIM Cell Wellness Restorer™ be added to a hot tub, Jacuzzi, or jetted tub?
AIM does not recommend doing this until you check with your local hot tub dealer for a professional opinion. AIM will not take responsibility for any adverse effects AIM Cell Wellness ™ might have on your filters and pumps.

How much should I put in a hot tub?
There is no set guideline for mixing AIM Cell Wellness Restorer™ in large quantities of water. Use your own discretion.


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