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Jesus Is Lord!

Jesus has been part of my life since Feb. 9th, 1973. If you don't know Him it is my sincere prayer that you come to know Him. Your whole life will change. He's changed my life so drastically. I could never live without Him! He is my ALL! It's only because of Him that I live and move and have my being. To learn more about how I came to know him look at my testimony

Remembering Columbine

Heartbroken with Columbine
Please visit this site! Please make sure and pray for the families and for the nation!

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Living Waters
Training people to the ministry of Jesus Christ. Located in Lake Elsinore, CA.
Leadership classes and Bible School (Correspondence available).

Living Waters Christian Fellowship
Living Word Institutes

Good church in Pasadena, The Living Word Institute is part of Living Waters Christian Fellowship. Great School! I especially loved the Institute of Praise & Worship!

Mimeistry - This is the home page of Mimeistry inc., founded by Todd & Marilyn Farley to promote the use and achievement of excellence in Artistic Ministry. I have seen their ministry and each time it either brings me to my feet or on my knees!

Check out her backgrounds. She has some great ones! This background is from her collection.

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