AIM Product
Ordering Information

AIM Products can be purchased any of the following 3 ways.

Wholesale - All AIM orders wholesale!
We will ship individual AIM products to you at wholesale. (Books, videos & kitchen appliances excluded).


Direct Customer - Wholesale Direct from the AIM Company - It's Free!
Become a Direct Customer with any order. You'll be entitled to call AIM direct and take Teleclasses.

Order with a credit card, email, or snailmail (when sending in a check or money order).

The following information is required for all new Direct Customer Sign-ups and Orders.

  1. Make sure you tell us you'd like to sign-up as a Direct Customer. It's Free! No Selling involved!
  2. The description and quantity for what you wish to order. See our order form or price list.
  3. Your name, street address and phone number (phone number is used only if required to complete product delivery)


The best way to take advantage of the wholesale benefits is to become an AIM MEMBER (Distributor) $25 $15, all it takes is a phone call, or email me I will need your credit card with expiration date. The initial signup fee is $15. (Save $10) The yearly renewal fee is $15 or FREE if you purchase enough product each year. If you are only interested in the wholesale prices and not becoming a distributor take advantage of the Direct Customer program.

If you're interested in becoming a Member check out AIM's compensation plan, (AIM's Ladder of Opportunity).

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