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  • Booster 1 -AIM Garden Trio® powder (Barleylife - New Family size 12.70 oz, Just Carrots & Redibeets) plus Raspberry AIM Herbal Fiberblend®
  • Booster 2 -AIM Garden Trio® powder (Barleylife - New Family size 12.70 oz, Just Carrots & RediBeets) plus Unflavored AIM Herbal Fiberblend®
  • Booster 3 -AIM Garden Trio powder (Barleylife Xtra- Family size 12.70 oz, Just Carrots & RediBeets) plus Raspberry AIM Herbal Fiberblend
  • Heart Health - CellSparc 360, AIMega, Bear Paw Garlic, Fit n Fiber
  • Weight Management - Fit n Fiber,2 ProPeas, GlucoCrom - Extras: Blender Bottle, Exercise Ball, Workout DVD, Weight loss guide. Just the weight loss without the extras $115
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GTrio powder w/Rasp Fiber -$179.50*
GTrio Powder w/Unfl Fiber - $179.50*
GTrioX Powder w/Rasp Fiber - $183.500*
Heart -CellSparc 360, AIMega,Bear Paw Garlic, FitNFiber $124.80
Weight -FitnFiber,2 ProPeas, Glucochrom,extras $171.60

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Special Starter Packs for all        *Retail prices shown. Special pricing will show in cart
Booster1 Starter AIM Starter Pack - Body Booster 1TM The Booster 1 Starter Pack has a Garden Trio (BarleyLife, Just Carrots, RediBeets) and one Raspberry fiberblend. 110 pts.
GTrio powder w/Rasp Fiber -$179.50*
Booster2 Starter AIM Starter Pack - Body Booster 2TM The Booster 2 Starter Pack has a Garden Trio (BarleyLife, Just Carrots, RediBeets) and one Unflavored fiberblend. 110 pts. GTrio Powder w/Unfl Fiber - $179.50*
>Booster 3Xtra Starter AIM Starter Pack - Body Booster 3TM The Booster 3 Starter Pack has a Garden Trio (BarleyLife Xtra, Just Carrots, RediBeets) and one Unflavored fiberblend. 110 pts. GTrioX Powder w/Rasp Fiber - $183.50*
starter heart health AIM Starter Pack - Heart HealthTM The Heart Health Starter Pack has a FitnFiber, Bear Paw , AIMega and Cellsparc 360. 100 pts. Heart Health-CellSparc 360, AIMega,Bear Paw Garlic, FitNFiber $127.50
weight lossAIM Starter Pack - Weight LossTM Weight Loss Pack has a FitnFiber, 2 Propeas, AIMega and GlucoChrom. 98 pts. Weight Loss -FitnFiber,2 ProPeas, Glucochrom $174.00
Nutritional Products  *Retail prices shown. Special pricing will show in cart 2
AIM Herbal Fiberblend for colon cleansingHerbal Fiberblend - a conbination of soluable and insoluable psyllium fiber and cleansing herbs, helps maintain bowel regularity, provides dietary fiber, and leads to detoxification. Recommended for the Hallelujah Diet
and the Digestive System (colon cleansing). Works well with AIM Composure.
13oz Non-Flavored - $45.50(28 pts)
6 pack- $257.50 (168 pts)
13oz Rasperry - $45.50 (28 pts)
6 pack Rasp. - $257.50 (168 pts)
Veggie Capsules $49.50 (31 pts)
6 pack Capsules $281.00 (86 pts)
AIM Barleylife products AIM BarleyLifeTM an all natural, green powder concentrate that helps provide the daily enzymes, essential amino acids, and rich in antioxidant ability, anti-inflamatory ability activity and immune support.Traditional 10.58 oz., oz.,BL Extra 10.5 oz., 280 Veggie Capsules. BarleyLife without Kelp is no longer available. 25 pts.each $36.50 - 6.3 oz BarleyLife Intro size w/kelp Powder (20 pts)
$203.00 - 6 pack BarleyLife Intro size w/kelp Powder (120 pts)
$62.50 - 12.70 oz BarleyLife Family size w/kelp Powder (40 pts)
$359.00 -6 pack BarleyLife Family size w/kelp Powder (240 pts)
$67.50 - 12.70 oz BL Xtra w/LoHan< powder (39 pts)
$390.00 - 6 pack BL Xtra w/LoHan< powder (234 pts)
$50.50 - 280 veggie capsules. - (30 pts)
$288.50 - 6 pack capsules - (180 pts)
AIMegaAIMega - an organic seed oil blend that delivers an important source of healthful and essential omega -3 and -6 fatty acids, plus -omega 9's. EFA's are main structural component of every cell membrane and are necessary for cell growth and activity. 120 softgel capsules - $34.00 (20 pts)
6 pack - $187.00 (120 pts)
AIM Bear Paw Garlic - I love this garlic!AIM Bear Paw Garlic - a unique wild garlic made from the leaf. Helps lower cholesterol and maintain healthy blood pressure levels. When bears come out of hibernation in the spring they eat this type of garlic that is why it's called allium ursinum. Better than allium sativum you find elsewhere. 13 pts. each 90 veggie capsules - $24.50 (14 pts)
6 pack - $132.50 (84 pts)
CalciaimCalciAIM - CalciAIM™ is a natural citrus drink mix that provides several nutrients crucial to proper skeletal function and overall wellness. - (24 pts)> 14 oz - $41.50 (24 pts)
6 Pk - $234.00 (174 pts)
AIM CellSparc360 helps maintain healthy cholesterol...Cellsparc 360 - combines co-enzyme (CoQ10)with tocotrienols and fish oil to provide total cardiovascular support. The CoQ10 provides potent antioxidant capabilities, and the tocotrienols and fish oil help maintain healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels. 30 softgel capsules - $41.50 (26 pts)
6 pack - $234.00 (156 pts)
AIM Cell Wellness RestorerCell Wellness Restorer - a unique product that you can put in your bath or apply directly to your skin. Helps reduces stress, improves sleep, increases energy, etc. 18 pts. each 1 bottle 12 oz - $8.00 (4 pts)
6 Pack - $39.00 (24 pts)
AIM Composure - Great for stress or when doing a colon cleans with FiberblendComposure - a combination of relaxing herbs. Helps to maintain neuro health especially in regard to dealing efficiently with stress. Helps with your colon cleanse. 13 pts. each 60 capsules - $23.00 (13 pts)
6 pack - $121.00 (78 pts)
AIM CranVerry AIM CranVerry Plus - CranVerry+ is a unique combination of cranberry extract with proven benefits for urinary tract infections and three other active ingredients that have been shown through research to effectively inhibit Candida infections. 30 capsules - $27.50 ea (16 pts)
6-Pk - $148.00 (96 pts)
helps maintain a healthy lymphatic system.Fit n Fiber - The fiber sources for fit ’n fiber™ are varied and include apple fiber, cinnamon. larch fiber, Fibersol®-2, inulin, flax seed powder, psyllium husk powder, bamboo fiber, and glucomannan. Fit ’n fiber™ contains 12 grams of total fiber per serving, including 10 grams of hearthealthy. Orchard Peach soluble fiber. 11.4 oz - $47.00 (29 pts)
6 Pack - $265.00 (174 pts)
AIM Flora Food - Friendly bacteriaFlora Food - a powerful combination of 3 friendly bacteria - lactobacillus acidophillus, bifidobacteria bifidum, and bifidobacteria longum. 23 pts. each 60 caplets - $37.00 (23 pts)
6 pack - $210.00 (138 pts)
AIM Frame Essentials - Body Frame HealthFrame Essentials - combines a glucosamine complex with MSM, bowswellia extract. Helps to maintain health joints. 18 pts. each
120 veggie caps - $32.50 (19 pts)
6 pack - $179.50 (114 pts)
Garden Trio
Powder contains one 12.70 oz. BarleyLife (or BarleyLife Xtra with LoHan), 14.1oz Just Carrots, 8.8oz RediBeets
Powder w/BarleyLife family size - $143.00 *(89 pts)
Xtra w/LoHan - $146.50 *(88 pts)
AIM Ginkgosense helps improve memory, blood flow , vision, etc.GinkgoSense - combines ginkgo biloba with the essential fatty acid DHA, bilberry fruit extract, and the carotenoids lutein zeaxanthin to provide overall support for your neuro health. It specifically targets mental acuity, vision and circulation.18 pts. each 60 tablets - $28.50 (18 pts)
6 pack - $156.00 (108 pts)
AIM Glucochrom for glucose management GlucoChrom - Glucose Management - combines vanadium, Gymnema sylvestre, bitter melon, and a unique, patented barley-based chromium to maintain healthy blood sugar levels
60 capsules - $24.50 (15 pts)
6 pack - $132.50 (90 pts)
Herbal Release helps maintain a healthy lymphatic system.Herbal Release - a combination of herbs, helps maintain a healthy lymphatic system, which is integral to maintaining the immune system. Now in veggie capsules. 15 pts. each 120 caps - $24.50 (15 pts)
6 pack - $132.50 (90 pts)
AIM Just Carrots - powerful antioxidantJust Carrots - a carrot powder concentrate that contains important nutrients such as alpha- and beta-carotene, vitamins, B and C, Calcium, iron and potassium. Get the beneftits of carrots! 25 pts. . Just Carrot caplets no longer available. Just Carrot 14.1oz - $48.00
6 pack - $273.00 *(168 pts)
AIM LeafGreens AIM LeafGreens - Cocoa or Regular - contain five types of all-natural, nutrient-dense leaf ingredients – spinach, faba bean, field pea, barley leaves and broccoli sprouts. Balanced amino acid profile to enable complete protein assembly in the human body. 6.35 oz - $53.5035 pts
6 pack - $304.00210 pts
Cocoa - 6.35 oz - $49.5035 pts
Cocoa - 6 pack - $281.00210 pts
AIM Para 90 for a parasite cleansePARA 90- a unique combination of herbs that helps to maintain a parasite-free body. 15 pts. each 90 veggie capsules - $26.00 (15 pts)
6 pack - $140.00 (90 pts)
AIM Peak EndurancePeak Endurance  -  - a blueberry acai drink mix combining ATP (adenosine triphosphate), electrolytes, coconut water, and B vitamins. 30 pts. Try the Sample Pack of 6 singles for only $3.00. You just might like it! We do!
ATP Sports Drink - $48.00 (35 pts)
6 pack - $273.00 (180 pts)
AIM Prepzymes for Digestive HealthPrepZymes - a combination of digestive enzymes. Helps our body breakdown foods so we get more nutrients per meal. It also helps eliminate autotoxicity, a result of undigested food remaining in the body.
100 capsules - $31.00 (18 pts)
6 pack - $171.50 (108 pts)
Proancynol 2000 - a combination of green tea, grapeseed extract, alpha-lipoic acid and other powerful antioxidants. Helps fight free radicals and maintains a healthy immune system.
60 capsules - $37.50(25 pts)
6 pack - $210.00(150 pts)
AIM ProPeas AIM ProPeas - is an all-natural vegetarian protein source made from field peas. Unlike whey and soy protein, pea protein is not a major allergen. As such, it provides an alternative to most mainstream, animal protein sources that are high in fats and bad cholesterol. 16 oz - $49.50 New(31 pts)
6 pack - $281.00 (210 pts)
AIM Reassure for mens prostate healthReAssureSP - helps maintain a healthy prostate in men. 35 pts. each
120 soft gel - $36.50 (25 pts)
6 pack - $203.00 (150 pts)
AIM RediBeets -RediBeets - a concentrated beet powder with only the fiber removed. Contains essential enzymes along with the natural form of betaine, which aids in cleansing the liver and reduce homocysteine levels. 8.8oz - $40.50 *(21 pts)
6 pack - $226.00 *(126 pts)
Renewed Balance Renewed Balance Balance Body Cream - contains progesterone. 25 pts. each. 2 oz jar - $37.50 (25 pts)
6 pack - $210.50 (150 pts)

Miscellaneous -
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AIM tote Bag AIM Tote Bagwith pocket Canvas Tote with pocket- $5.00
hand blenderAIM Hand Blender - A small battery operated mixer great for mixing a cup of Barleygreen, Herbal Fiberblend, Just Carrots or RediBeets.
1 - $4.00
Set of 6 - $21.00
20 oz Blender Bottle Blender bottle - A blender cup. Blender bottle 20 oz.- $7.00
Measuring spoons AIM Measuring Spoons / 6 Pack - The AIM Companies™ Measuring Spoons - 6pk. AIM Measuring Spoons - 6 Pack - $1.50
Prills beads AIM Prills 24 oz in glass jar - AIM Prills™ are magnesium oxide balls. When you add them to your “regular” water, you make AIM Prill Thin Water™. “Thin” water has less viscosity than regular water, giving it additional benefits. As a spray, it refreshes; as a drink, it re-hydrates; and when combined with AIM’s powder products it results in a smoother and better-tasting product. AIM Prills 24 oz. - $19.50
AIM Bear Paw Garlic. - Alpine wild garlic by Dr. Clouatre discusses the research and health benefits of Alpine Wild GarlicCD by Dr. Clouatre on bear garlic. Dr. Clouatre discusses the research and health benefits of Alpine (bear) Wild Garlic. Dr. Clouatre is an expert on the effects of bear garlic. CD Bear Garlic - $1.00
AIM Herbal Fiberblend - Fiber-on-the-go width=CD or DVD Herbal Fiberblend and Fiber-on the Go CD Herbal fiberblend - $1.00
DVD Herbal fiberblend - $1.75
Parasite MenaceCD Parasite Menace by Skye Weintraub, N.D. Interview with Skye Weintraub, N.D., a naturopathic physician in private practice specializing in treatments of chronic health concerns, especially allergies, and digestive disorders. Dr. Weintraub talks about the parasite invasion and how to control it. CD Parasite Menace - $1.00
product testimoniesCD - Testimonies from customers on the AIM products.. CD Product Testimonies - $1.00

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