BarleyLife in South Africa!

 BarleyLife is the perfect food! It's full of vitamims, minerals and enzymes!

AIM INT'L is continuously looking for new distributors (Members) in South Africa. If you are looking for a great opportunity to learn more about health, health products, and are looking for a great company to work with, AIM In'tl is the company for you!

How Do I Sign UP?

     Download the South Africa Member Application in PDF format

  Fill out the information required. Send it to the address on the application.

     Download the So Africa price list in PDF format here

Products Available in South Africa

  • AIM AIMega
  • AIM BarleyLife
  • AIM Bear Paw Garlic
  • AIM Cell Sparc 360
  • AIM Cell Wellness Restorer
  • AIM Composure
  • AIM Cranverry
  • AIM FloraFood
  • AIM Frame Essentials
  • AIM GinkgoSense
  • AIM Gluchrome
  • AIM Herbal Fiberblend
  • AIM Herbal Release
  • AIM Just Carrots
  • AIM Para 90
  • AIM Prepzymes
  • AIM Proancynol 2000
  • AIM Reassure
  • AIM Redibeets
  • AIM Renewed Balance Cream
  • AIM Revitafem


       The Health benefits of using BarleyLife and other excellent products
       Wholesale purchase privileges
       Make a difference in your life and others lives
       Toll-free customer service line
       100% satisfaction guarantee on all products
       Potential 20% - 25% retail profit
       Sponsoring privileges
       Permanent titles with current membership
       The opportunity to build your own business while helping people improve the quality of their lives