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Allan Nickell, weight lifter, Indiana
"I have enjoyed weight lifting for over 40 years and have included good foods as part of my training regiment throughout that time. Before my workouts, foods loaded with carbohydrates such as Barleygreen provide me the energy needed. Barleygreen has become indispensable to me as part of my recuperative, rebuilding phase immediately after my workout."

Harry Sneider, Olympic trainer, California
"Barleygreen is one of the finest fitness products that God has designed,not only for athletes training for world-class events, but for good health productivity. There are thousands of people changing to a healthy lifestyle. They are looking for a complete program. AIM offers just such a program through the Healthy Cell Concept stressing a positive mental attitude, products focusing on healthier cells, and emphasis on a regular exercise program."

Ryan James Koski, 9 year old, Minnesota
"Barleygreen has made such a big difference in my life! At first when my mom tried to get me to take it, I didn't want anything to do with it. But today, I wouldn't be without it. Thank you, Dr. Hagiwara, for changing my life!"

Rod Murray, tri-athlete, Alberta
"Barleygreen is fantastic! As a tri-athlete, Barleygreen has made a phenomenal difference in my endurance and recovery time."
Mary Ruth Swope, nutritionist, educator, author, Arizona
"The National Research Council has always recommended what any nutrition textbook will tell you, that you need one serving daily of a dark green leafy or deep yellow vegetable. Study after study shows that the majority of the population just doesn't fill this dietary need. Barleygreen is the ideal way to fill the gap - it is organically grown, all natural, and because of the wide spectrum of nutrients it contains, I consider it a food with REAL POWER... I don't care if you are in your golden years or in your early years; I believe you would benefit wonderfully from making Barleygreen a part of your daily diet."

Paul and Edith Boyko, California
"Being 77 and 75 years old respectively, we recognize that our dietary needs have increased over the years. Barleygreen has been a true Godsend to us and helped us to stay ahead of several others even younger than us!"
Whitefawn Lewis, Florida
"Being health conscious, I use to juice fresh vegetables for my three children. They would drink it, but only with the gentle persuasion of a parent, if you know what I mean. Mixing Barleygreen with their favorite fruit juices is a delicious and enjoyable way for them to get the "green" food that I know they need. They never balk at drinking Barleygreen. As a matter of fact, they often remind me that it is time for "Barleygreen!"


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